Links Lundi: Libya, an epic full moon, and how to help Japan

A Linfield grad just returned from Libya after visiting family for six months.  The fighting broke out while she was there, so she recorded video and took pictures and did her best to participate.  I’m hoping she’ll give a talk at Linfield soon, because that’s an incredible (not to mention incredibly dangerous) thing to experience.

Did you guys see the extra-full moon on Saturday night?  We didn’t, because we forgot about it and it was probably cloudy, but I bet our view wouldn’t have been this great no matter what.

Now your kids can go to Star Wars school.  Pros: learn yoga, martial arts, and a very zen way of looking at things.  Cons: it’s in Chile, and you have to be between 6 and 12 years old.

In other nerd news, the first image of Wonder Woman in the new NBC show has surfaced.  I’m really, really, really hoping it’s a fake.  (This guy tried to save it by tweaking the colors, and it’s a bit better, but that top is still so…eesh.)

And here’s another nice story about how e-books, especially the 99-cent ones, are destroying publishing.  The theory is that because Itunes charges 99 cents for a song, all creative works should cost 99 cents.  Please, no.

Google has a whole bunch of ways you can help the crisis in Japan, and so does WendyB.  My favorite is ShelterBox, a British organization that sends in crates full of everything a family (up to 10 people) needs to survive: a tent, cooking supplies, tools, blankets, even art supplies for the children.


3 thoughts on “Links Lundi: Libya, an epic full moon, and how to help Japan

    • I’ve heard a bit about Marston’s, uh, unique background. It definitely gives the Wonder Woman character a whole different facet. I’m curious about the new show, but very wary…nobody really seems to know what to do with the character, and the LA exec/superhero angle seems a little 1980s.

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