You win some, you lose some – but mostly you win

Until about a month ago, I was morally opposed to belting cardigans.  I don’t particularly know why, since many a fashion blogger has successfully pulled off belted cardigans.  I think I thought it would create a weird waist thing on me, or a weird hip thing, or a weird lack-of-curves thing.

When I tried this with my brand-new half-off seriously-awesome cowgirl-chic-or-maybe-Turkish belt, I thought it turned out pretty dang well.

(Someday I will learn to take good outfit photos.  That skirt is actually a kind of black/brown weave.)

I think what worked here was the neutral (and dark) palette, the big V, and the partly-buttoned cardigan.  I’ve seen lots of bloggers leave the cardigan unbuttoned under the belt and leave a stripe of shirt showing, but whenever I tried that look, it obliterated any sense of feminine curves.  Buttoning the sweater kept things uniform and defined a waist.

I’m pretty pleased that I tried a new look successfully.  Originally I had the cardigan out over everything, with the button-up shirt tucked into the skirt and the belt over the skirt waist.  That shifted around a lot, and I got tired of having to readjust my waistband every time I stood up, so around lunchtime, I buttoned the sweater, put the belt on, and discovered that belting cardigans is a-okay!

However, having seen that skirt online, I’ve also discovered that it’s too long for me.  Why do skirts never fit.


4 thoughts on “You win some, you lose some – but mostly you win

  1. I’d call this a total win- I really like the way it all came together! I’m also a big fan of belting cardigans, but it’s often for practical reasons (keeps everything from flopping all over when I’m walking around). As far as the skirt goes, I think there’s some no-sew hem things out there that might help me you shorten it up a bit?

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