Tunes I Like: Kate Nash

A couple months ago my sister, She Who Listens To Hipster Music*, gave me a whole bunch of songs by Mumford & Sons, Noir Desir, Temper Trap, Barcelona, and a whole bunch of other artists I’d never heard of, because it wouldn’t be Hipster Music if I had.  You’ve already heard how Mumford & Sons has changed my life.  Another artist who’s not necessarily my new favorite, but still comes up a lot on my Ipod, is Kate Nash.  She’s…unique.  Quirky.  Brash.  English.

Here’s a simple formula for figuring out Kate Nash:

Kate Nash=the sincerity and musical simplicity of Ingrid Michaelson + the fierceness of Ani Difranco.

Imagine a British Ingrid Michaelson who swears a lot when she sings “Far Away.”  If you still can’t picture it, here are a couple tunes to get you started.

*She also did an interview for us for Average Fantastic!


2 thoughts on “Tunes I Like: Kate Nash

  1. Is it going to make me a total hipster if I say that I saw Kate Nash in concert three years ago? She played at this little dive bar and it was fantastic! She’s excellent live. One of my favorite songs of hers is “Pumpkin Soup,” which The Rocket Scientist hates, so I make sure to sneak it into every road trip playlist.

    • Awesome! I think I have two full CDs, and I know “Pumpkin Soup” is in there somewhere, but I haven’t gotten a chance to really listen to everything yet.

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