The Miracle of Ruffles

I may submit my Monday morning to the Catholic church to have it approved as a miracle, because I don’t think I’ve ever been so put-together and organized on a weekday morning.  I got up at 6:20, had a short workout, showered, got my hair under control, and put together a daring new outfit using the daring new shirt I’d gotten on Saturday.  When that was done, I still had time for makeup.  Not just the usual blush/lipstick/mascara – I did full shadow (fun coppery stuff with pale gold highlight) and eyeliner, plus concealer to keep the copper eyeshadow from making me look like I don’t sleep.

I even wore perfume.  This is huge, you guys.

I packed my lunch, ate a little breakfast, and even had time to check Facebook before I left – and here’s the real miracle – early.

I arrived at the office ten minutes early.  Turns out I picked the best day ever to arrive punctually, because three of  my four bosses were already in the office for spring cleaning.  Boss Ladies 1 and 2 were sorting through the hallway closet.  They spotted me in my new shirt at the same time and both gasped, “Oh my God, that shirt!”  Gasped in admiration, I should say.  They were impressed, not horrified.

“Thanks! I went up to the outlets this weekend. New Ann Taylor Loft there. It was pretty cool!”

“It looks so. Cute.”  Boss Lady 2 is pretty trendy, so this is high praise.

Boss Lady 1 chimed in.  “Oh, and I like your eyeshadow too!”

Boss Lady 2 leaned in and squinted.  “Oh wow, yeah!”

“Thanks, I, uh, put on eyeliner today! It’s a big day!”

“Quick, take a picture!”

My goodness, I am pale. Sheesh.

(Seriously, do I look that different?  Okay, there are big ruffles, and yes I’m wearing eyeliner for the second time this year, but I’ve done the belt thing before, and this is not the most outspoken outfit I’ve worn to work.  Maybe.  The ruffles are pretty…ruffly.)

They resumed tidying up the office, tossing out old signs and occasionally assigning me to do things like sort through file tabs and test pens to make sure they still worked.  As I returned a cupful of pens to the closet, I heard Boss Lady 1 come up behind me.

“Do you have a cat?” she asked, brushing at my shoulders.


“Your back is a little furry.”

Can’t win them all.

The highlight was when another agent (a man) came in and spotted my belt.  “What’s with the back brace?” Sigh.


4 thoughts on “The Miracle of Ruffles

  1. Tut tut, that man knows nothing about fashion, clearly. The furry back comment is hilarious, because I too suffer from the furry butt syndrome (when my new foster cat has been sitting on the couch and I can’t help but sit down on the couch and pet him before heading to work). Seconded on the ruffles!

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