Links Lundi: maps and dinosaurs!

Put on a nature sounds CD and zone out while watching this beautiful panoramic tour of the English coast.

When you’re done relaxing, play around with this awesome map of the world’s rivers and get depressed over humanity’s water usage.  Fun!

While we’re on maps, here’s one The Interrobangs found: a map of US stereotypes.  Rainy hipsters sounds about right for us, though, sorry.  (The label for Texas reminds me – I got called “ma’am” by a telemarker from Georgia.  It kinda made my day.)

Somehow I wound up with a Spanx catalogue and I discovered that they have a product called Skinny Britches.  Cute.  Real nice.  Charming, in fact.  Let me direct you to a conversation about how great that is.  It’s almost as great as that new store NoSkinny, because apparently no plus-sized women were fashionable before they came along, because the skinnies have been hogging it all.

Aaaaaaanyway.  Let’s talk about dinosaurs.

Even though you can see the person’s legs, this dinosaur costume is still ridiculously awesome (and terrifying).


7 thoughts on “Links Lundi: maps and dinosaurs!

  1. I know I’m probably missing the point, but what the hell is the THONG for? I mean, I know if you buy the WRONG EFFING SIZE THONG everything will look all outta wack, but is a $22 Spanx thong necessary? What the hell does it do that a proper-sized thong does not do? I mean, excuse my panic, but am I to believe I am now supposed to be worried if my vulva is fat?

    I quit the world.

    • Cool! I’m a little surprised they consider Seattle so safe considering they’ve been talking about the Next Big Earthquake and Mt. Rainier erupting catastrophically for years. Maybe it’s a frequency thing.

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