Links Lundi: The Northern European Edition

Next time I start the wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments associated with writer’s block, remind me to read this.

Iceland’s current tourism campaign is called “Iceland Wants To Be Your Friend,” which includes some hilarious spinoffs like “Icelandic Bands That Are Not Sigur Ros.”  Learn about a foreign country and expand your music knowledge at the same time!

Apologies to the US government, but my tax return money is most likely going to go towards Swedish furniture, specifically this tidy little desk.  Ever since 10th grade, my desk has been a six-foot-long door laid across two filing cabinets.  This provided lots of space, but it wasn’t the prettiest thing and it gave me way too much square footage on which to build up uncontrolled clutter.  I’m determined that our Shiny New Not-Moldy Amazing Big Apartment Into Which We Will Move In Early June Hooray will be tidy and uncluttered (at least for a few months) and this desk will probably help.


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