30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1

You’ve probably seen it on Facebook – post a song every day for a month according to the challenge list.  Sure, I could flood my Facebook feed with daily song updates, but I won’t pass up anything that gives me 30 excuses to put something on this blog.

Naturally, Day 1 is the most challenging: your favorite song.

I have a nostalgic favorite, which is “What About Everything?” by Carbon Leaf.  Carbon Leaf as a band will always be in my Top 5, but Mumford & Sons has (winces) possibly replaced them as my all-time favorite band.  I’m really sorry, Carbon Leaf.  You guys are still fantastic, and I love your poetic lyrics and your mellow vocals and your evocative melodies, but Mumford & Sons just outstrips you in every category.  (If you’ve read my other Mumford & Sons raves, you can just skip to the video.) Their level of musical complexity, the themes and references in their songs (The Bible! The Odyssey!), and their unapologetically epic, sweeping emotional sound quality is unmatched.  They also have a tendency to back up some of their songs with a full orchestra, just because.  And how many bands can use the f-word in the chorus of their main single and have it actually come across as tender and regretful?  Well, maybe a few, but Mumford & Sons probably does it better than them.

Therefore, my current all-time favorite song is “Thistle & Weeds.”

(It’s also an awesome song for writing.  Every time I listen to it, I think of a new chase sequence or fight scene using this as the soundtrack.)

Want to play?  Share your picks in the comments!


2 thoughts on “30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1

    • Yeah, yeah, I know. I had this talk with Kevin. Ready for my explanation? It’s going to make me sound like a huge hipster.

      Basically, if Carbon Leaf had stayed at the level they were at with “Indian Summer,” they would far and away still be my favorite band. That album was brilliant and a lot of their classic songs came from there. After that, though, their albums were just kind of OK. I haven’t even gotten their most recent CD because I wasn’t sure it would be worth it.

      They still give awesome concerts, and I still love everything they did before 2004, but in my opinion they’ve slipped and I feel like Mumford & Sons has taken over where they left off.

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