Links Lundi: science and 9-year-olds dancing to “Single Ladies”

The crew of the space shuttle Endeavour made their own Star Trek poster.

In other science news, some folks invented a rolling robot that can detect rough ground, turn into a helicopter, and fly over it

Via Interrobangs Anonymous: how padded training bras and high heels made for 4-year-olds affect girls and gender development.

And in more harmless childhood news, find out which American Girl doll you are.  Judging by doll ownership, I am apparently a snobby sophisticate who can actually survive the apocalypse by knitting stuff.  The test itself says I’m Kit, which is a) lame, because Kit wasn’t out when I was actually in the American Girl demographic, and b) I’m not nearly thrifty enough to pass for a citizen from the Great Depression.


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