things that have made me feel like a grown-up lately

1. I spent an hour and a half at the riverfront park on Saturday, by myself, reading and snacking on apples and cheese. Kevin and I go to the park a lot, but that was the first time I’d been there by myself. It reminded me of my solo excursions around Ireland, only a lot sunnier.

2. My coworkers got me a gigantic cake for my last day, and I still have about half of it to eat. I tried to have a slice one night and…I couldn’t finish it. I couldn’t finish a slice of chocolate cake. This doesn’t make me feel so much like a grown-up – it just made me feel old.

3. Engagement ring won’t come off in warm weather. Is there a plastic surgery option where I can whittle down the sides of my knuckles? I would seriously consider it. I’m not really looking forward to another 50+ summers of having to wrestle a ring off my poor swollen finger each night.

4. I finally, FINALLY, planned a dinner more than six hours in advance. I think we’d had about three weeks of me remembering around 2 o’clock that we need to eat dinner, texting Kevin to ask if he has any ideas, and then begging him to pull out some ground turkey/chicken breasts/shrimp to speed-thaw on the counter and ultimately eat with pasta and some kind of sauce. On Saturday, though, I got out our last two chicken breasts and coated them with crushed garlic, pepper, and olive oil and put them in the fridge for tonight. Extra-garlicky deliciousness plus boxed scalloped potatoes of questionable quality, coming right up!

5. I also cleaned out part of the fridge. I intended to clean more, but underneath the veggie drawers was a quarter-inch of standing water that had been there for Lord knows how long. Two towels are still hanging over the tub, slowly leaching the gallon or so they managed to soak up.

Don’t worry, though – I stayed up until 11 on Friday playing Halo: Reach, plus another hour or so on Saturday. I actually won two matches! I am still solidly a twentysomething.


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