further adventures with robo-marketers

Oh, the telephone.  How much you’ve lost with the arrival of the Internet.  Now you’re completely saturated with recorded robot telemarketers and salespeople since all the real people just text.  You’ll encounter them at work and at home and they’ll either be quite helpful or drive you absolutely bonkers.

In this case, they provided a surprising source of entertainment.

The phones at my mom’s house have a caller ID system that tells you aloud who’s calling so you can decide whether or not it’s worth getting up to answer.  Pretty handy, but the pronunciation is challenging and the voice doesn’t kick in until the second ring, so by the time you’ve translated “AndersonCare-linB” into “Carolyn Anderson” and realized you need to answer, you’ve already missed your chance.

However, during dinner a couple nights ago, it proved itself surprisingly useful as a security guard.

The phone rang and we waited for that robotic female voice to do its best to tell us who was calling.

“Call from: Funscam.”


My mom looked at the screen.  “Ha!  Look what it’s saying!”

I read the screen as the voice repeated itself: “Call from: Phone Scam.”

“Seriously?  They actually label it like that?”

“Should I answer it?” my mom asked.


Too late.  But we were rewarded for our delay later.

“There’s actually a voicemail!”  My mom turned on the speakerphone and we waited for whatever Phone Scam had to tell us.

“-final notice. Please press 9 on your phone to speak with a live operator and lower your interest rates – ”

Sorry, Phone Scam, I guess we missed out.


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