Dress Your Best 2011

Why yes, another fashion-related thing to make my life more interesting!  Not that it’s by any means boring – with The Wedding occurring in less than a month (eek!), I have plenty to keep me busy.  Gluing corks together and chopping up paper can get a little monotonous, though, so it’ll be fun to have an additional (but not too time-consuming) creative project.

The deal with Academic Chic’s Dress Your Best is that they’re trying to combat the typical body-image stressors that come with summer (like swimsuits, shorts, skimpy tees, etc.) by dressing to show off our best parts.  Since I’m staying at home nowadays working on The Wedding and keeping Kevin from going insane at his 50-hour-workweek job, I don’t really get out much, which means fashion has completely taken a backseat for me.  When I do go out, it’s to go to Fred Meyer or something, and there isn’t really much demand for sharp dressing.  Plus the weather has been so lousy it’s hard to know what to wear anyway.  Many times I start the day in a cute sundress or skirt getup, only to have to change around 10:30 once the weather takes a dive.

I’m not really a member of the fashion-blogging community – I haven’t studied style and lots of writers already cover the personal aspects of style and fashion, the psychology of trends, how feminism and fashion are related, how environmentalism and fashion are related, and a whole lot more.  Click any link in that fashion section of the sidebar and you’ll see what I mean.   People will argue that style is shallow and superficial, but I argue  (like Stacy and Clinton have before me) that developing a style and putting some thought into how you dress will make you more confident.  It can be a creative exercise if you look at it right, and if you really get into the nitty-gritty of creating a capsule wardrobe and analyzing what styles work best on you, you can end up richer and more organized in the future.

For me, Dress Your Best will for the most part be a creative distraction.  It’ll be fun to piece together a new outfit in the morning, and if I don’t have to go anywhere, so help me I will look snazzy for the cat.

(And another reason: I always, always, miss out on these fun blog-community fashion challenges.  There’s Everybody Everwear, which I’ve managed to miss every month since I first heard of it, and there’s the paper doll project which is coming up but I’ll probably miss anyway.)

So, according to the rules of Dress Your Best, I’ll be dressing to emphasize:

1. my waist (because it doesn’t always show up)

2. my chest (that includes breasts and collarbone, because I think they’re both rather nice)

3. my eyes (sure, this counts.  I can wear colors that make my eyes stand out, and eye makeup to do the same!)

4. my legs  (I’ve had a lifelong struggle with appreciating my legs, with their gawky knees and lack of defined muscle and having to shave them and the way they make finding pants impossible – whew – but I don’t think I give them enough credit.  They’ve gotten me to amazing places around the world.  They make me a wicked fast sprinter.  I don’t know if they’re particularly nice ankles, but I’m fond of them.  My legs are stronger than they look and they deserve some celebrating.)

5. my back (when appropriate)

Look for the first couple outfits on Friday!


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