Fun Food Friday: chocolate and tea, sometimes together.

Meet Jasmine Pearl’s Cocoa Deluxe tea.

It’s black tea with vanilla flavoring and actual cacao nibs, as opposed to the artificial chocolate flavoring you get in other teas.  We tried this at my bachelorette party, where our guide described the latter as tasting like Tootsie Rolls, whereas this tea has a richer, slightly smoky cocoa flavor.  (I would describe it as “earthy,” but Kevin would probably refuse to marry me if I did.)

The great thing about this tea (besides the fact that it has chocolate in it) is how versatile it is.  You can drink it straight and get that rich, organic cocoa taste, or you can add milk and sugar and end up with a tea that tastes like a chocolate chip cookie.  It’s pretty much a win-win situation.

Now the last thing I’m thinking about in this week’s 80+ degree weather is winter, but I discovered an awesome cold-weather activity on Tea & Cookies that I’ll have to remember to try: a hot chocolate crawl.  It’s like a pub crawl only warmer, sweeter, and less likely to make you do something stupid, and it’s pretty much the most brilliant idea I’ve ever heard of.  Linnaea and Krista and I actually unintentionally did something similar when we were in England for Jan Term, only we holed up in one cafe because the weather was so miserable.

Besides, who would want to walk away from this?

We each got a different flavor of hot chocolate and sampled each others’ drinks while we wrote and waited for the weather to clear up.  In Seattle, Tara and her friends took that one step further by planning stops at five different cocoa-serving cafes.  Luckily, I can learn from their experience and plan on stopping at fewer locations and ordering smaller drinks.  Depending on how many people go with you, that still allows you to try a huge variety of hot chocolates.  Almost makes me wish it was winter!

Maybe I’ll adapt that into a frozen yogurt crawl…


2 thoughts on “Fun Food Friday: chocolate and tea, sometimes together.

  1. Hey, this is Renata. Have you tried Cacao in Downtown Portland? You can get a sampler trio of mild, spicy, and dark hot chocolate. Amazing!!!

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