Links Lundi: things that irritated me and things that made me happy

Every once in a while the New York Times trots out an article that tries to make you feel bad for the recent college grads who are struggling to find work.  It’s very nice of them and I appreciate my demographic getting some attention (and sympathy), but they talk to the worst examples.  Last time it was a guy who turned down a $45k insurance job, despite his massive student debt and the fact that he was living with his parents, because it didn’t “feel right” (or something).  Now it’s a series of twentysomethings in NYC wearing themselves thin working three to four part-time jobs.  It’s not to put food on the table or to pay the electric bill or even to pay off the student loans –  no, it’s so they can have money for vacations on top of all of that.  I fully support working somewhere that makes you happy and taking time for yourself to recharge and stay sane, but if you’re able to afford a full vacation, sorry, but you’re not struggling, and you don’t need to be in the New York Times.  Maybe you’ve heard of the Great Depression – that’s when people really were struggling.

Okay, rant over, time for more pleasant things, like this sweet post from Lauren from Texas.

I admit it, I am very excited about this “Immortals” movie.  Tarsem Singh visuals plus “300”-produced sword-and-sandals violence!  Mickey Rourke as the bad guy!  An awesome magical bow!  Looks like I have plans for November 11th.

Katie knows what else I’m excited about: new Mumford & Sons music!


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