it’s happily-ever-after time

I’m getting married in three days!  At this point in the process, things are at about 75% crazy.  That number is significantly lower because Kevin’s awesome sister came to help me with decorations yesterday and we got a lot done. (Thank you!)  However, I keep catching glances of things that still need to be taken care of, like getting a new email address with my new last name and making sure my clothes for the weekend are all laid out.  I’ve taken approximately four trips to craft stores over the last week to get more ribbon because I keep running out.  My coffee consumption has increased considerably.  I haven’t even gotten a chance to stress out about being in front of eighty-some people and reciting vows to…oh wait, no, there it is.

But the point of all this is the marriage, and I’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to keep that in perspective. I’m focusing on remembering all the ways in which Kevin is amazing and how excited I am that we’re going to take on the world together.  I always tear up over other bloggers’ posts about their partners, so I figured Kevin deserves one, too, starting with Day 1.

I generally don’t believe in love at first sight, but I can still remember how his smile made my heart jump when I saw him in class on the first day of freshman orientation.

I know, right?

I also remember thinking that someone that cute and that, well, cool-looking would probably never notice skinny little me.  Yeah, I thought he was out of my league.  We wound up in the same group of friends, though, and we discovered that we both liked video games and that we both thought “Return of the Jedi” was totally the best movie from the original trilogy (because it is).  Kevin turned out to be an incredible friend right from the start – not just to me, but to my other friends as well.  Even if we had just stayed friends, I know I would have been grateful to have him in my life in any capacity.

During the following spring semester, the flirty-flirty started happening.  We spent more time playing Halo 2 in his dorm room and I usually wound up there to agonize over my accounting homework.  Our friends noticed and were drawn to the situation like sharks to blood in the water, only with a more romantic metaphor.  I think by the time we started going out, at least four of our friends had somehow been involved in the process of getting us together.

It was (well, still is) a running joke among our friends that Kevin somehow hasn’t heard of about half the things other people have heard of.  There were dozens of times at Linfield when we would be talking about a popular old song or a well-known childhood cartoon and he would have no idea what we were talking about.

One of these things was Fandango.  You may be able to tell where this is going.

“V for Vendetta” had come out recently, so I emailed him to suggest that he try using Fandango for the first time to find us tickets.  (Keep in mind I’m not into chick flicks.)  When this email was sent, I was on AIM with Tess, who was on AIM with Kevin’s roommate, who was reporting Kevin’s reactions.  The conversation went something like this:

“He’s reading the email.”

“What does he look like?  Is he happy about it?”

“James can’t tell. (pause) He just asked James if you meant this as a date.”


“He thinks so.  Okay, yes, he’s happy about it and he’s writing back to you now.”


That movie was followed by other romantic classics like “The Prestige” and “300.”  We dated for the rest of college, and after my summer internship, Kevin hopped the pond to propose to me in London.

There are still moments when I look at Kevin and realize how blessed I am to have found someone like him.  He’s the kind of guy who stopped to talk about my problems and let me cry on his shoulder in public even though he’d only known me for a few months.  (This happened when I didn’t get into the introductory creative writing class and thought my future was being derailed.)  He’ll listen to me gripe about my stressful day and then suggest getting cheap pizza or Chinese food for dinner.  He’ll never let me forget my goals and dreams and he encourages me at every turn.  He appreciates, or at least tolerates, my bad puns.  He’s smart and he works incredibly hard because he knows what he wants his future to be like and he knows what it takes to get there.  And he looks darn good in a suit.

He indulges in my nerditude to the point of buying me (with the help of his parents) all three seasons of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and a good portion of the Clone Wars show.

He indulges my other nerditudes as well.

In exchange, he’s slowly introducing me to the romantic comedy classics, “French Kiss” and “Return to Me” among them – but, in keeping with our fondness for action movies, he’s also shown me his favorite war thrillers, like the Jack Ryan movies, “Crimson Tide,” and “The Guns of Navarone.”

We’re trying new foods, we’ve visited new cities, and we’re shopping for new furniture.  Even after knowing each other for almost six years, we’re still learning new things about each other.  We’re building a life, bit by bit, and on Saturday it becomes forever.  I’m so grateful it’s with him.


5 thoughts on “it’s happily-ever-after time

  1. Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on the wedding! It will be awesome, I just know it! And he is a cutie-pie (not that I’m after him – I am, after all, also a newlywed!) and you two suit each other perfectly.

    Secondly… I can’t understand why you didn’t get into the creative writing class – I love your writing! Keep it up.

    Much love and hugs for your big day!

  2. “When this email was sent, I was on AIM with Tess, who was on AIM with Kevin’s roommate, who was reporting Kevin’s reactions.”

    Ha! Modern manners comedy.

    Two days to go—- congratulations to both of you, and best wishes.

  3. This definitely induced some “aweeeee”s. I know your wedding will be great! Please share photos?

    I have a bit of a personal question. And please no that this is not a judgmental question, but a genuinely curious one: how did you come to decide on taking his last name? Are you doing a hyphen thing (your name + his)? Since changing names was a “foreign” phenomenon I learned when I immigrated to Canada (Koreans don’t do it) so I’ve always been curious about it. I also find it interesting that people in Quebec don’t change their last names at all (heck, they rarely even get married these days).

    • There will definitely be photos! I’ll email you about the name thing – I may be a blogger but I have to have some secrets. 😉

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