Things I Like

Wedding photos will turn up next week, I promise!  In the meantime, here is a mini list of nice things.

One of my new favorite teas is Bigelow’s Lemon Green Tea.  My boss kept it in the kitchen at work for clients, and at first I thought the combination of flavors sounded bizarre, but now it’s my go-to comfort tea.  It’s sweeter than regular green tea, but the lemon makes it feel uber-healthy.

Every once in a while somebody reminds me that ZooBorns exists, and it’s the best thing.

Pinterest, you guys.  I can’t remember the last time something on the Internet was so thoroughly capable of keeping me on the couch for an entire day.  Not even Reddit sucked me in this much.  It’s like an endless scavenger hunt where the entire Internet is the playing field.  Find me.  Follow me.  We will waste hours together.


4 thoughts on “Things I Like

  1. Can´t wait to see a wedding pic or two! Excited for you, and for myself, as I`m joining the club on the 6th 🙂 Thank you and fabulous Saturday Jane for all your beautiful contributions to the internets! And congratulations, Mrs!

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