just the way you look tonight

I’m not sure when we’ll get our formal wedding photos, but considering our photographer is getting married herself in a couple weeks, it might be a while. In the meantime, here are a couple pics our friends and family took!

Jessica and Kevin's sister before the ceremony

The venue! Complete with the perfect weather: 80-some degrees with a light breeze.

The first dance. We'd practiced a total of two times, but everyone was ridiculously impressed. We were pretty pleased with ourselves.

This was after the first toss, which landed about three feet behind me, and before the second toss, with which I nearly killed the girl who caught it by almost sending her over a cliff.


4 thoughts on “just the way you look tonight

  1. Congratulations! Your wedding dress looks awesome. (My best friend and co-blogger is getting married next year and I’m supposed to be her maid of honor, so I’m learning all this crazy stuff about weddings. They’re still so mysterious to me!)

    • They are still kind of a mystery to me too! And every one is different – some of our guests had just been to a 400-person wedding at a waterfront golf course with an open bar. O_o

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