Fun Food Friday: Turtle Pizza

What do you do with the half-cup of sweetened condensed milk left over from making macaroons?  Good question.  I went with Paula Deen’s recipe for a dessert called Turtle Pizza.

On the surface, it’s fairly simple: bake some cut-up tortillas until they’re crispy, spread melted caramel/sweetened condensed milk on them, top with melted chocolate and toasted pecans.  In actual execution, things were a bit more complicated.

The first thing I changed was to cut the tortillas into quarters instead of eighths.  The recipe uses 4 tortillas, and I didn’t like the idea of having to reassemble 32 pieces of tortilla back into rounds and somehow spreading them with caramel.  Besides, a quarter of a tortilla is a much more appealing serving size.

It helped to bake the tortillas first.  I couldn’t spread the caramel sauce on the reassembled whole tortillas – maybe mine was too thick – but it was easy to pick up each individual piece and sort of frost it like a cookie.  It just took a lot more time.

I also strayed from the directions (sorry, Paula) by adding the pecans before the chocolate.  This way the pecans stuck better and I could just drizzle chocolate instead of spreading it as per the instructions.  (Nothing in this recipe was really spreadable for me, but hey, it all turned out delicious.)

Not that drizzling chocolate is any easier, though.  Seriously, how can that be so tricky?  Was I supposed to add something to thin it out?

Despite the mishaps, these turned out great.  The toasted tortilla held up well, even though the caramel is possibly the stickiest substance in the known universe.  Kevin isn’t a fan of pecans, but as he put it, it’s the mark of a good cook (or recipe) to make an ingredient someone doesn’t like into a dish they’ll eat.  I’m not sure if that compliment should go to me or Paula, but I’ll just go ahead and take the credit.  And another slice of crispy sticky turtley goodness.


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