Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: A Closer Look

Today’s FBFF hosted by Ashley Getting Dressed! We’re doing an up-close and personal look at a favorite clothing item. Instead of just photographing it as part of an OOTD post, show us the little details, the things you can’t see from a far-away shot.

In college I got to go on a Jan Term course to the UK.  The class focused on British writers – Shakespeare, Austen, Wordsworth, etc – and took us to a variety of cities ranging from huge, cosmopolitan London to tiny Keswick where all the stores closed in the afternoons until the pubs opened.  (That part was a little boring.)

For the most part, we were dressed in stuff like this:

…because it was England in January.  But London is a very fashionable city, so I wanted to get something to remind me of the trip that wasn’t made of wool.  Not that wool isn’t fashionable.  I just wanted something more…optimistic.

So I snagged this shirt from New Look:

This is one of the very few dressy tees in my wardrobe.  It’s what I wore for my bachelorette party and I always feel elegant in it.  The neckline is lovely, the ruffles and buttons are feminine but not too girly, and the drapes make me feel quite sultry.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: A Closer Look

  1. That top sure is pretty!

    I had a similar abroad experience – I took a course on Paris and London at a campus that was converted from a medieval castle in East Sussex, where we also did walking tours of London after reading sociologists and geographers. It was pretty dreamy! And kind of depressing, because talking about poverty and how geography itself “pushes” the socioeconomically challenged to the outskirts is no lighthearted matter. I also bought a pair of red sandals at Camden Market to remind myself that I bought something fashionable, but they recently completely fell apart after 5+ summers. Not bad for a 10 pound purchase.

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