Links Lundi – The Labor Day Edition

All of a sudden it’s September and that was Labor Day and by all accounts we should be diving headfirst into big puddles of cold autumn rain.  But no, it’s going to be 90 degrees this week.  Apocalypse?  Possibly.

Love and Olive Oil wrapped up Basil Week recently, so hop over and check out their delicious-sounding recipes for treats like blueberry-basil preserves.  If I knew anything about canning I might give this a try, but since I don’t, our basil plant will probably go out in a blaze of old-fashioned pesto glory.

Heather at Inner Cupcake got her first maxi dress and she looks stunning!

Moleskine has a whole line of fancy new tabbed journals for stuff like wine tasting, keeping track of the books you read, and cooking.  Of course I want all of them, but I suspect they’d be fairly easy to make if you set your mind to it.  They certainly don’t need to cost $20 (which is why we got the wine one during the Borders sale).

From the Department of Accessible Feminism: Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor.  Scroll down for an epic depiction of Eowyn facing off against the Nazgul.

This article about how modern technology has destroyed many promising plot devices is worth a read.  You could argue that technology has forced movies to dumb down their premises, but Emmy Rossum was recently in a clever… miniseries, I guess, for lack of a better name, and you’ll see what I mean when you check out the website.  It’s called “Inside,” and it stars Rossum as a kidnapped girl who has to use Facebook to get herself rescued.  Her character had a real Facebook page and Facebook users could play along to help solve the mystery as the episodes aired, using clues like photos of her prison taken with her webcam.  I’ve only watched a couple episodes, so I haven’t decided whether it’s either the ultimate in viral marketing or a pretty clever way to engage your audience.

So did you guys have any fun Labor Day weekend adventures?  Kevin and I went to Eastern Washington for his cousin’s wedding.*  Eastern Washington is pretty boring, and I’m making it a life goal to never spend more than twelve consecutive hours in Yakima ever again (sorry, Yakima), but on the way back to Vancouver we drove past Mount Saint Helens and there was steam coming out the top.  We also saw a porcupine!  More on that later, because it’s a pretty good indication of just how much of a city girl I am.

*Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood etiquette police: if you’re not the bride, please avoid wearing a white dress to a wedding.  Thank you.  That is all.

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