Blogroll Update!

Happy Friday! Y’all should check out some of the rad blogs I’ve added recently to my ever-growing sidebar to your right.

Maya from A Heart And Soul Story was my buddy for the last Paper Doll Project.  She’s in Germany and her blog is part H&M catalogue, park rockabilly, and all high-class retro.  Be sure to check out her fabulous shoes!

Mia and Tia at Reading in Skirts are hilarious and funky and I love them. Mia has a completely adorable haircut and Tia has the best t-shirts on the entire planet.  Oh, and Tia’s hair is multicolored.  And Mia’s cat is named Flat Tire.  You get the idea.

Other Linfielders may remember Renata – now she has an impressive foodie blog, Half Pint Girl.  She got a new camera and now every post looks extra delicious.

Have you found any cool blogs lately, or do you read one that you think the entire world should know about? Share in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Blogroll Update!

  1. Yeeeeeks, thank you! I am supercrazytimes flattered, Laura! I’ve been meaning to update our blogroll for at least a month, so you’ve given me a good reminder to make that happen.

  2. Oh hai, thanks! It creates such feeling of responsibility in me to consistently blog when I land on your blogroll! I hope to return the favor some time 😀

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