What’s Cooking Wednesday: Seafood Snacks

Maybe you’re tired of the usual ways to block your arteries.  Maybe you have a few left unclogged and you want them to go out in style.  Maybe you just have a pantry full of English muffins, cheddar, and canned seafood and you need a way to use them up.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the seafood snack.

These are very easy and insanely unhealthy.  Recipes vary, but essentially you mix a couple cans of crab meat, baby shrimp, and/or tuna up with mayonnaise and grated cheddar and broil the mixture on English muffins.  Then you eat four in a row and you die happy.

Do you guys have any guilty pleasure meals?


2 thoughts on “What’s Cooking Wednesday: Seafood Snacks

  1. That sounds pretty phenomenal, and might redeem the English muffin to me. (Never been a big fan except in Benedicts.)

    When I was younger I would microwave slices of cheddar and then just eat the goopy melted mess with a fork. Classy, Mia.

    • Hahaha, classy! This reminds me of when I was really little and first learned to “cook” – I’d grate a TON of cheddar cheese and throw some hot dogs in, microwave it and call it “Cheese Weenie Surprise”. Then proudly present the delicacy to someone in my family, of course!

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