FBFF: Decades

Today’s visual FBFF  is hosted by Shelly at GS Lillian and the theme is decades.  Originally the theme was 50s and I’m relieved it changed because I own zero 50s fashion items, unless you count cardigans, and they’re not very exciting.  Instead, the broader theme gave me the opportunity to post this 70s outfit I’d worn a few weeks ago when I got to hang out in Portland!

The dress comes from my mother, who got it from a roommate who went to Mexico in the 70s.  Yes, this is a vintage maxi from Mexico.  I think I get 500 vintage-fashion-blog points for this.

The silver bracelet is also from my mother – you can see it better in the next picture.

This was my first time wearing this dress and I have to say I was nervous about it.  It’s pretty 70s, and even after wearing it once, I’m still not sure I’d be comfortable wearing it anywhere other than in Portland, where this kind of stuff is the norm.  I mean, when I look at it now, it just looks like a fairly ordinary maxi dress, but I still can’t shake the feeling that it’s weird somehow, which is not the case.  I think.  It’s vintage, and it’s outside my usual style, but that’s it.

The weird part is I got approximately three compliments on it throughout the day.  With any other outfit, that would have given me enough confidence to wear it pretty much every day, but I haven’t.  Aesthetically speaking, I’m actually pretty darn proud I wore this – I just can’t imagine when I’d be brave enough to wear it again.  It feels too costumey, I suppose.

Unfortunately there’s another reason to leave it in the closet: this isn’t the most comfortable dress.  The embroidery in the shoulders makes the arms really tight, and it became unbearable towards the end of the hot summer day.  I need to find a way to undo the seams and add a strip of fabric to make it looser.

So even though it’s a bit uncomfortable physically and out of my comfort zone psychologically, I totally dig this dress and I’m glad I got to rescue it.  (Thanks, Mom!)

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6 thoughts on “FBFF: Decades

  1. I know what you mean about vintage dresses looking costume-y. I’ve always loved those embroidered ones, but it seems like a costume when there’s embroidery everywhere, so I love how it’s restricted to the shoulders here! It gives the dress such a gorgeous pop of color! It really looks beautiful on you, and I love how simply you styled it. But if you end up not wearing it again, I’d be happy to take it off your hands 😉

    • There’s actually a tiny bit of embroidering in the back, too – three little flowers that start at the waist and go down to about mid-calf. But it’s definitely not overwhelming! Next summer I’ll be braver and wear it more often, don’t you worry. 😉

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