FBFF: The Quintessential Fall Outfit

This week’s FBFF theme is the quintessential fall outfit, hosted by Iris of 260 Days No Repeats.  If I was going to be really truthful about this post, the photos would be of me in fleece pajama pants and some kind of sweater, but, in keeping with the “fashion” and “beauty” parts of FBFF, I figured I’d spring (ha) for something a little more inspired.

I wore this last weekend to go to the Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch.  The idea was to have lots of layers so I’d be warm during our tromp through the inevitable rain and mud.

Then the weather turned out to be fabulous.

Like, really fabulous.

For me, fall is all about layers, especially in the Northwest, where a day could start off gloomy and cold and then suddenly make you regret ever putting on a coat.  Threadless tees over long-sleeved shirts turn up frequently during the autumn/winter months, and I have a whole arsenal of scarves for extra warmth and style cred.

This headband is kind of becoming an FBFF staple. I promise I own other headbands.

Fun story about that scarf – Keswick is a cute little village practically in Wales, and it’s probably downright lovely in the summer.  But we were there in January, which meant everything was closed between four and six in the afternoon, and it was raining and freezing, and we were sharing a hostel with a crazy guy in a denim robe who thought George W. Bush and Tony Blair were the epitome of evil (never mind the fact that Blair had been out of power for some time at that point).

Keswick did, however, have a token imports store full of incense and silky purses and cool Nepalese scarves like this one, which were desperately needed in January.

Anyway.  It was definitely not needed today.

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4 thoughts on “FBFF: The Quintessential Fall Outfit

    • We didn’t even get any pumpkins – we just enjoyed the fall weather and seeing all the excited kids! (And all the trendy Portland yuppies in furry vests and fancy boots…)

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