FBFF: Anticipating Halloween

This week’s FBFF is hosted by ModlyChic!

1. Do you have plans for Halloween? What will you dress up as this year?
I’m going to hang out with some friends in Portland that weekend.  Plans may include glow-in-the-dark mini-golf and maybe – maybe – a haunted house.  I’m still on the fence about my costume – I’m debating between going as a French poet or a pirate, or maybe some combination of both.  My friend suggested I go as a plagiarist, which seems like a good solution: dress as a pirate, wear a beret and beat sunglasses, paste my name over some works of Shakespeare, wear an eyepatch, and wield a pen instead of a sword.

2. Where do you go for costume and makeup inspiration?
Pinterest, naturally.  A few of my friends started costume boards, so I got to peek through those for ideas.  Etsy also has some great Halloween newsletters and collections which have been popping up in my inbox lately.

My main inspiration, though, comes from my closet.  My mom always made our Halloween costumes when we were kids, and I’ve never worn a store-bought costume.  If my mom didn’t make it, I pieced it together from items I already owned or found at Goodwill.  It never made sense to me to spend upwards of $50 on a cheaply-made, poorly-fitting polyester getup you’re probably only going to wear once and then throw away.  I’d rather put the effort into designing something creative by working with what I already own – less waste, more creative fulfillment, more originality.

It helps that I can draw from the wealth of costumes we wore for sorority events.  I’ve been a flapper, a rock star, a pirate, a soda-fountain gal, and probably several other things my memory has elected to lose.  My mom even helped me make the flapper dress – I bought the dress at JC Penny and had my mom sew on the fringe.

I’d forgotten about the flapper dress, actually…I should wear that!  Flapper dresses are, of course, perfect attire for mini-golfing.

3. What was the best costume you’ve ever donned?
I was pretty proud of a Matrix getup I put together during high school, even if it was more Morpheus than Trinity.  I was Mark from “Rent” once…

…but that was for a campus movie night, not Halloween.  When I was seven or eight, my mom made me a particularly gorgeous American Girl dress (Felicity’s Christmas outfit) and that one was my favorite for a while.

I think my favorite overall was a Grecian goddess outfit I wore a few times.  I borrowed another one of my mom’s old dresses, this one a light blue empire-waist gown with a flowing pleated skirt, and wore a gold chain belt and a wrist-veil-cape-thing made from blue tulle.  I wore it to a frat house Halloween party for all of five minutes, but then two guys started fighting and we left.  I didn’t really go to many parties after that.

4. What’s the most creative costume you’ve ever seen?
Oh boy…Jessica was a panda once, and that was pretty cute…and Breck went as a zombie teacher once…  Honestly, though, I have the worst memory.  I can barely remember what I wore for Halloween last year, and photos of me during college Halloweens are strangely absent, so I can’t jog my memory at all.  If you had a particularly rad costume, and I can’t remember, I’m really sorry.  I remember Tess was Sarah Palin once and that was funny, and Kevin made a surprisingly good House, cane and all. (seriously though, where are all my photos of this stuff?!)

5. No holds barred, if you could dress up as anything, what would it be?
Okay, this could turn out to be a long list.  I’d probably go for some massively expensive, elaborate replica of a “Lord of the Rings” costume: something with lots of velvet and flowing sleeves and laces, probably Eowyn’s white dress.  Either that or a detailed steampunk getup.  I also like themed group costumes – ooh, I remember now, sophomore year my friends and I went as the “Firefly” crew (although I had to shoehorn myself in as Badger since I’d already planned to be a gangster).  I could also go for being the Doctor and Rose or X-Men characters – ooh, or steampunk Justice League – or we could finally go through with our long-standing plans to be Mortal Kombat.  I was gonna (will) be Raiden, just to wear the straw hat.  Yep.  I would be all those things.

What about you? What are your Halloween plans?

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