Links Lundi

Josh Sommers now has a Windows theme based on his trippy Escher-esque photography.  Spend a couple hours checking out his work on Flickr.

While you’re there, flip through this hilarious collection of photos taken of visitors to a haunted house.

A rejection of a rejection letter.  Maybe I should have sent something like this to OSU… (via Interrobangs Anonymous)

The Interrobangs ladies also introduced me to a sweet typography blog, David Manzo, where you can see everything from clever business cards to artsy bar codes.

What are the commonalities in your style?  Mine have changed hugely recently, what with the integration of jeggings and flat boots to my wardrobe, but in general bootleg pants, draping cardigans, waist belts, and showy earrings are part of my formula.  Oh, and scarves.  Lots of scarves.

See if one of America’s coolest coffeehouses is in your town.

Hollywood is revisiting Stephen King’s “The Stand” and Ben Affleck has been chosen to direct.  I liked “The Town” (okay, “liked” is a strong word for that kind of movie…I thought it was well done), so this works for me.

Once again, PETA puts naked ladies in its ads. (NSFW)  Which is more irritating, their scare tactics or their continual exploitation of women’s bodies?


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