Links Lundi: Happy Halloween!

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I recently saw the Help remedies at Target!  Help calls their medicine stuff like “Help, I Can’t Sleep” and “Help, I Have A Headache,” and they use no dyes and no excess chemicals (ie, the sleep aid is just a sleep aid, not a sleep aid+painkillers).  Plus they use recycled and compostable packaging and their website offers many other remedies, like “Help, I’m Bored” and “Help, I’m Stuck In A Rut” and “Help, I Want A Pat-Down But Am Not Flying Anywhere.”

Speaking of healthy things, apparently there’s an official Stash Tea store in Tigard and somehow I’ve never been there.  Need to fix that pronto.

In actual Halloween-related news, Doctor Who fans should check out BBC America’s costume contest.  There’s a crocheted Ood, you guys.


One thought on “Links Lundi: Happy Halloween!

  1. Happy Halloween! I was wondering what the “Help, I’m Bored”-type remedies would be like. I guess assuming it would be salvia wouldn’t be in line with the company’s vision, huh?

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