What’s Cooking Wednesday: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Someday I’ll have something healthy to share with you guys.  The next few weeks for me will be a blur of soup, grits, and smoothies following another round of gum surgery tomorrow, so this will be one of the last real recipes in a while.  Maybe I’ll uncover something healthy to make while I’m waiting to regain the ability to bite into things.  (I’ll be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner by cutting it into tiny bits, but leftover turkey sandwiches are banned. *sniffle*)

In the meantime, here’s a BBQ sandwich to enjoy even though we can’t go outside to grill anymore.

Cook a couple chicken breasts and shred them with a fork.  This isn’t melt-in-your-mouth shredded meat, but it’ll get the job done.  Once you’re done shredding, mix in the sauce of your choice, and voila, wintertime BBQ deliciousness.

Oh giant sandwich, I miss you already.

What’s your best surgically-modified-diet story?  When Kevin got his wisdom teeth out, he trained himself to swallow whole, rolled-up slices of baloney.  I finally learned how to make an omelette after my first surgery.  What about you?


2 thoughts on “What’s Cooking Wednesday: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

  1. It’s not a success story, but after my major jaw reconstruction I remember trying to eat pudding and having it all dribble out of my mouth – I couldn’t move my tongue or swallow! By month four I could mush small pieces of pizza against the roof of my mouth, but other than that it was a lot of soup, cottage cheese, pudding (eventually) and Carnation Instant Breakfast.

    Good luck with the surgery!

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