test your might

I’m at JC Penny, passing through the boys’ section.  Two employees, a motherly-looking older woman and a woman in her early 20s, are laying out stacks of graphic tees, sorted by theme: Video Games, Candy, Movies, etc.

Twenty: “What’s Mortal Kombat?”

Motherly: “No idea!”

Twenty: “Is it a video game?”

Motherly: “Sure, sounds right! (spotting me)  What is Mortal Kombat, do you know?”

Me: “It’s a video game.”

Motherly: “Yup!  It’s a video game!”

I thought about telling them it was originally an arcade game, that the franchise is one of the most popular fighting games ever, and that it was also a deliciously terrible movie whose sequel is reported to be genuinely bad, but I didn’t want to make things more complicated.


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