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GUYS.  Have you seen “The Hunger Games” trailer yet?

How about the trailer for “Brave?”  (I’ll just be staring transfixed at her hair for the next several minutes, don’t mind me.)

In other movie news, David Yates, director of the last few Harry Potter films, has announced his intention to make a “Doctor Who” movie.  Before you get excited, though, hear this: he thinks the series needs “quite a radical transformation” and wants to “start from scratch.”  This strikes me as both unnecessary and, well, arrogant.  The current Doctor has been doing just fine, thank you, all eleven incarnations of him – do we really need to start over with a new one?

Justin Timberlake attended the Marines Ball and wrote a touching writeup on his experience.

The 2-Minute Chocolate And Salted Caramel Mug Cake.  I’m a little afraid to try this because it sounds just too good to be true…and I don’t think it would be particularly healthy for me to have the power to whip up a gooey chocolate-caramel cake in just minutes.

Some stores, including Target, are kicking off Black Friday even earlier this year by opening at midnight.  Considering how early the Christmas ads started this year, I can’t say I’m surprised, but I do think it’s sad.


4 thoughts on “Links Lundi

  1. I know the 9th Dr. and on is already a somewhat radical transformation from the first 8, but you don’t mess with the Doctor! (Unless you made the Doctor a girl; THAT I would be very interested in seeing).

    • The 11th Doctor has a line after he first regenerates, where he’s pulling at his (longish) new hair and trying to figure out what he looks like: “Am I a GIRL?”

      I imagine the whole of England would explode if they tried to do that, though – never mind all the potential gender-identity issues it would stir up.

      You’d think they could come up with a spinoff, though. I mean, Torchwood has done quite well for itself.

  2. I have mixed feelings about the Hunger Games casting and trailer (who doesn’t?), and I probably won’t go see it because I don’t go see movies in the theater unless physically dragged–but I’ll probably rent it or something afterward, because I feel like I can’t NOT see it ever.

    • My movie-seeing attempts usually go like this:
      1) get excited and promise to see it opening day
      2) decide to wait and see what the reviews are like
      3a) forget to check the reviews and rent it later
      3a) see that it has positive reviews and rent it later
      3b) see that it has bad reviews and probably watch it on Netflix Instand later

      I might give this one a try in theaters, though. I liked the first book far more than I liked the other two, so of the three, this is the movie I’d drop money on.

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