Blog Awards!

Eep! Guys! I got some bloggy awards from Mia at Reading In Skirts! I got an award ages ago when I first started the blog – I think someone just felt sorry for me – but I don’t think I ever followed through with it or posted links like I was supposed to.

Now, though, I have a big fat fantastic blogroll to select from, plus all my new FBFF friends, so the links will definitely be done.



…these awards come with questions.

I am such a sucker for Internet surveys.  I think I did six or seven at a time when I was on Livejournal, and I miss them sometimes.


Here are the rules:

Link back to the blogger you got the award from

Write 7 random things about yourself

Fill in the question form below

Give the award to 10 other blogs and let them know

7 random things about me:

1. I never had a cavity until this past year, when I suddenly wound up with two at once.  I’ve still never broken a bone.

2. If I’m ever on “Hoarders,” it’ll be because of all the tea I have.

3. It’s pretty much guaranteed that when I’m in Europe, an elderly German couple will ask me for directions.

4. I’m notoriously slow at video games because I’m a completionist.  I’ll divert from main quests for hours at a time to complete side quests and look for treasure.  I’ve been playing Fallout 3 for over one hundred hours now and I’m still not totally finished, although I did finally complete the main quest last week.  (In my defense, about twenty of those hours were spent redoing two DLC levels that my Xbox lost.)  Some may see it as compulsive; I see it as wringing every penny out of those games.

5. I’ve never read: “Moby Dick,” “Lolita,” “Wuthering Heights,” or “A Wrinkle In Time.”  I’ve never seen “Pulp Fiction,” “Back To The Future,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” or “The Goonies.”

6. I can do one impersonation: Cheese from “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.”

7. I hate pumpkin pie.

Tell Me About Yourself:
Name your favorite song. 
Just one? Eh…
  • “What About Everything?” and “Let Your Troubles Roll By” by Carbon Leaf
  • “Thistle and Weeds” by Mumford & Sons
  • “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine
  • “Gray” by Ani DiFranco

Name your favorite dessert.
Good old-fashioned New York-style cheesecake.  I like me my Cheesecake Factory treats, but nothing beats a slab of plain, cream-cheesy cheesecake.  If you add lemon, we are no longer friends.

What pisses you off?
Lemon-flavored cheesecake.  Also, making mistakes, lazy or uninterested parents, people stirring up trouble just because they can, having to stop for a red light at an empty intersection, not being able to think of that one guy who was in that one movie, and forgetting where I put things.

Your favorite pet:
Our cat is pretty great.   She’s a great lap-cat, she’s beautiful, she sits on weird things, and she likes most people.

Black or white:
For wearing: black.  For decorating: white. For my future sports car: black.

Your biggest fear:
I’m afraid of not making a mark on the world.  I’m afraid to permanently lose interest in writing.  I’m afraid of dying, but mostly because it’ll make the people close to me sad.  I’m afraid of bridges giving out under me while I’m driving.

Best feature:
I’m pretty fond of my eyes, and my torso, and my hair.  Also my lips.  Oh, and my teeth, which thanks to years and years of orthodontia and gum surgery are, at the moment, flawless.

Everyday attitude:
First thing in the morning: disoriented, sleepy, and hateful.  On good days: confident and motivated, with “Eye of the Tiger” playing in my head.  On very bad days: detached, worried, self-critical.  On average days: pretty good, but if I’m going to accomplish anything, I’ll need to stick to a to-do list.

What is perfection:
Quiet time with Kevin, sunshine, tea, dark chocolate, time to read, motivation to write

Guilty pleasure:
Lady Gaga, Michael Crichton, and X-Men cartoons.

Who’s Next: (some of these will be repeat winners and some of them are big-timers who may never notice they got the award, but hey, if you want to play – congratulations, you’re a winner too!)

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