Links Lundi

This is a touching and worthwhile read: a four-part story about a Marine officer’s experiences before and after Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, culminating with him finally being able to attend the Marines Corps Birthday Ball with his boyfriend.

I recently discovered Think Geek’s Doctor Who section.  One of my favorites so far: the TARDIS mug.

The holidays: time to take photos with the family pets and have it go horribly, hilariously wrong.

Via Goodreads: “Broetry.”  Be sure to read the one shown on the cover – a rewrite of (homage to?) “This Is Just To Say” by William Carlos Williams.

Also, we made the two-minute mug cakes that I linked to a while back, and I’m happy to report that they turned out pretty well!  The caramels kind of evaporated during cooking, and one cake is probably big enough to share, and wow does it use a lot of cocoa powder, but if you have a dire need for chocolate cake immediately, that recipe is a good one to have on hand.  Just add, like, four caramels.  Or try one of the many variations, like Nutella or chocolate cookie dough.

Give some unique, (mostly) useful, and genuinely thoughtful gifts with some help from the lovely Winona’s list at The Frisky.  Naming a star after someone by launching a rocket with your name on it?  Heck yes!

Finally, a holiday classic returns: How To Wrap A Cat.

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