Heels in a Warehouse #2

 This is an outfit from a few weeks ago, when it was still warm enough to wear a skirt.

I’ve been doing that belt thing constantly.  I could be wearing sweats and as long as I had that fancy belt on over my sweater, I’d look put-together.  Plus it’s less intimidating than my big black waist-cincher belt.

Why yes, I did make that bracelet!  It’s from the craft day we had over at Average Fantastic over the summer.  I got the necklace (a blue coral rose) on our family trip to Hawaii after I graduated from high school.

I’m still antsy about wearing colored tights to work, so I wore the mellowest pair I have.  Overall I like the color scheme I pulled off here, especially with the color pop from the bracelet, and figuring out how to knot the belt has changed my life.


2 thoughts on “Heels in a Warehouse #2

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