Links Lundi & 2011 Retrospective

Happy New Year!  Best wishes for 2012, especially if you’re in the end-of-the-world camp.

Check out some of the entries from this year’s National Geographic photo contest.  Some of them are stunning, but #8 will give you nightmares forever.

Review the events of 2011 in photos, parts 1, 2, and 3.  (Warning: these collections do not shy away from grisly or shocking photos.  Some of the truly graphic ones are hidden until you click on them, but many others that are horrible in other ways are not hidden, like one of a stuntman falling to his death from a plane.)

If you don’t want to put yourself through three pages of the terrible things that happened in 2011, look through these beautiful photos of Bath Abbey.

Start the new years right with 21 Suggestions for Success.

Trendwatchers take note: the official Pantone color for 2012 is Tangerine Tango, which they describe as “a bit exotic, but in a very friendly, non-threatening way.”  Okey doke.

The Top 10 Under-Hyped 2011 Web Apps.  I hadn’t heard of any of these because frankly I didn’t know Web apps existed, but my new favorites are Every Time Zone, 0to255, and Pixlr.

So, 2011 is over, and it was kind of a big year for me.  Let’s trawl the archives for the highlights:

January: did my first blog fashion challenge

February: discovered Mumford & Sons, did the superhero shoot

March: got waitlisted for grad school, hated life

April: discovered belting cardigans, Kevin got a new job!

May: went to the Woodburn tulip fields, the blog turned 3, got rear-ended, I wrote about wedding planning, got my wedding dress, bachelorette party with friends and my new favorite tea shop (May was pretty good) (except for the car crash)

June: moved to Vancouver, planned the last of the wedding, unpacked things, got gum surgery, went crazy

July: GOT MARRIED, did my first Paper Doll Project and Dress Your Best, won a poetry prize (AWWW YEEAAAHH) (July was also pretty good)

August: joined FBFF, raided Borders closing sales, watched monster trucks

September: temped at a college bookstore, went to Eastern Washington for a wedding

October: started my new job, found a new church, Average Fantastic turns 1, Halloween in Portland with black-light mini-golf and Voodoo Donuts

November: did the 26 Things photo challenge, Thankschristmas with the new in-laws

December: Mumford & Sons concert, joined Top Ten Tuesday, did my first guest post, Christmas with my mom & sister


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