Links Lundi

A tutorial for layering cardigans.  I WILL NEVER BE COLD AGAIN.

Words to live by, courtesy of the Doctor, all eleven of him.

The complete Jason Wu collection for Target has been unveiled!  Some of it is a little too Lolita and/or nautical for me, but I love this skirtthis scarf, and this tote.  And this dress.

A self-published author took offense to a negative review and responded by copying & pasting 40 glowing reviews in 40 separate comments, accusing the reviewer of having anger issues, and repeatedly insisting to personally meet her to explain himself.  And yes, it appears most of the reviews were written either by himself or his family.  Here’s a tip: if you’re posting 40 comments somewhere, on any subject, in less than half an hour, you are crazy.

Speaking of crazy, this blogger’s reflection on her obsession with keeping crayons tidy feels a little familiar.

Deserted London on Christmas morning.

I know the whole point of The Glamourai is to look upon her and envy her, but I seriously envy the awesome photoshoot/vacation she got to do with cinemagraph artists.  Guh.

And from the Department of Nerdy T-shirts, a primary factor in why I will never be like the Glamourai, along with not having magical cheekbones: this Kate Beaton tee.

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