Links Lundi

A private letter from genre to literature.

Watch this year’s Sundance Film Festival short films online! Vote for your favorite and help a filmmaker win $5,000.

Love & Olive Oil has a cookbook full of cookie dough recipes coming out!  The best part is that they’re raw-egg-free, so germophobes like me can munch happily.

Remember Crush from “American Gladiator?”  In real life she’s Gina Carano, MMA fighter, and when Steven Soderbergh saw her fight, he said “She needs a movie” and came up with Haywire. It was actually really enjoyable – not the best script, but the fight scenes were stylish and it was nice to finally have a believable action heroine, rather than a twiggy Zoe Saldana or Angelina Jolie.

A Timelord man with two hearts survives a heart attack.

Hello Monkeyface has revealed her face (!) and her new blog!

Sarah’s Guide To Dressing Like A Classy Broad While Traveling, which will come in handy when we go on our honeymoon at the end of the month (!) and when I go to Hawaii this summer (!!)

I thought the 3D Star Wars re-releases were still a couple years away. I’m only moderately excited that the first movie is hitting theaters on February 10th (!). Only a little. Couldn’t care less, actually. Not particularly interested that all six (!!) of some of my favorite movies ever are going to be back in theaters (!!!). In 3D. Starting in less than three weeks.  (!!!!!!!!)


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