Heels in a Warehouse #7

fashion, work wear, office casual, colored tights

Colored tights and colored shoes, for those days when you want to wear a skirt but don’t want to be taken too seriously.

fashion, work wear, office casual, colored tights

I don’t think I’ve ever dared wear a color combination like this, partly because I own one pair of shoes that aren’t black or brown, and you’re looking at ’em.  That’s why I went so boring safe on the top half – if I tried to add another color, my inner introvert would have had a breakdown.

Maybe it needed another color, though, even if it was just something small like a scarf.  The top half sure was boring, and I spend enough time at my desk that I’m not sure many people even noticed the insanity that was my lower half.  What do you think?  Add more color next time?


2 thoughts on “Heels in a Warehouse #7

  1. I’m daring you to add more color next time, because I think you totally could. I love the red tights with red shoes so much. I’ve been looking for red shoes lately, but always end up chickening out of actually buying them. But! You should do this again. With a colorful broach or silk scarf. :3

    • I accept your challenge! I would love to have more colored shoes, but it never occurs to me to go out looking for them. Shoes are so expensive that I don’t like shopping for them anyway. It’s kind of like jeans – I never look for them until I need them.

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