Links Lundi

Hipster Disney princesses!  I love Jasmine and Aurora. (from Modly Chic)

Models organize as Fashion Week kicks off, calling for protection for underage models and ethical work practices.

Body image from the outside in.

Pinterest Is Making Money In A Slightly Shady Way.  I don’t have anything against Pinterest wanting to earn money – in fact, I was wondering how they were getting by at all – but disclosure would be nice, along with an opt-out option.

The Meaning of Soup.

How to freelance.  I wish I’d seen that when it came out!

The rules of a creator’s life.  I particularly like #7. (from Smart Pretty & Awkward)

A collection of swoon-worthy vintage pink gowns in honor of Valentine’s Day.

A playlist to have an awesome year. (from Yes And Yes)

Allison started her new year by throwing away 100 things. (from Yes And Yes)

Expand your repertoire of world literature with Nisaba Be Praised’s new feature, Traveing on Tuesday.  First up, St. Vincent & the Grenadines!

The Wedding Dress Body Project: “What I’m saying is, the custom dressmaker wasn’t wrong to assume I’d be trying to lose weight—after all, at a size 10, I am basically on the brink of instant death by cupcake and should thank the Lord Jebus every day that Patrick has deigned to look twice at me, let alone marry me, in this grotesque form.”


4 thoughts on “Links Lundi

  1. Hrm, I hadn’t heard about the Pinterest thing before now. That definitely feels a little dirty, if only because of the lack of disclosure. It makes me feel oddly glad that most of my pins are to other people’s blogs and of stupid Sherlock gifs and stuff, rather than to purchasable garments on retail sites. (P.S. Thanks for the shoutout about NBP! Jessica’s a heck of a person when it comes to improving visibility and interest in international literature, and if I find myself with a few free hours anytime soon we’ll see if I can’t do a Traveling on Tuesday post myself.)

    • Never be ashamed of pinning Sherlock gifs. I have a tumblr for the sole purpose of collecting Doctor Who gifs.

      The Traveling on Tuesday post is a cool idea! It would be an interesting book club theme – assign each person a country and see what they find.

  2. Throwing out 100 things seems a bit excessive, but I’m going to be coming close tonight, I think. Our apartment complex had to be sprayed for pests, forcing us to move all our crap 18 inches from the walls and cover it with a tarp. Putting everything back is showing me just how much random crap I don’t ever use/read/spare a passing glance.

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