Links Lundi

Bookstore cats! And library cats!  (The library cats have Nyx, who was born without eyes and gets around with echolocation. Aw.)

Speaking of libraries, how about putting one in a phone booth?

I freely admit that I am only interested in this movie because David Tennant is in it.

Sent to me with the subject “what the actual what:” Avengers cologne.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Apparently Greedo really did shoot first.  Sorry, fanboys.

And apparently this is a super-nerdy edition of Links Lundi.  Check out this eerie “Hunger Games” promo mailed to the Entertainment Weekly offices.

This is my new favorite thing on Polyvore: Two Legs Two Hands, who makes art collages out of clothing items.

A 6-year-old saved his mom’s life by calling 911 when she had a severe asthma attack.

View the winners of the 55th World Press Photo Contest.

How To Talk To Teenage Girls.  In the same vein: the equally crucial How To Talk To Little Girls.

Achieve your goals by starting with small changes.


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