Outfit Post: Return of the Scarf

You guys remember The Scarf?  I dared to wear it again, and this time I added more color.  Yes – more color.  MeAdded.

scarf, urban outfitters, work wear, semi-professional, business casual, colored tights

So, orange scarf, light blue top, denim-colored skirt, and olive tights.

from my mom!

I am irrationally proud of this outfit.  I wore orange and green!  Together!  In the same outfit!  Without looking like a pumpkin!  I’m not totally sure about what was going on in the waist there – I think it would have been more flattering if I’d tucked in the shirt – but overall, dang, you guys.  I done good.


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Return of the Scarf

  1. Bravo! It looks even better in the sunlight in that one pic on the Facebooks. The earrings work terrifically with the scarf, too. Sometimes I envy the womenfolk’s breadth of choice when it comes to accessories.

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