What’s Cooking Wednesday: Roast Beef, Red Pepper & Balsamic Panini

Happy Leap Day!  I guess we’ll find out whether or not WordPress recognizes the date when this post fails to appear.

All right, raise your hand if you’ve been to Panera.  If your hand isn’t up, get yourself to a state that has Paneras and prepare for deliciousness.  (Get the broccoli-cheddar soup while you’re there.)

Normally I get something safe like a turkey or chicken panini, but last time I spotted something on the menu called the Steak Balsamico.  It had roast beef (okay, “seared top sirloin”), roasted red peppers, spinach, mozzarella, and a balsamic vinaigrette on it.  I’ve always been leery of balsamic vinegar (more on that later), but the combination of roast beef seared top sirloin and peppers and mozzarella sounded too good to pass up.

Turned out it was the most delicious sandwich I’d had since Sandwich Express.

“How’s your sandwich?” Kevin asked me after I took a bite and stared rapturously at it.

“It’s good!  It’s sweet!”

“Well…that’s balsamic.”

“What?  It’s sweet? Is it always like that?  I thought it was…y’know…vinegary.”

“Nope, it’s pretty sweet.”

I looked down at my sandwich.  “I feel like I’ve been lied to.”

Seriously, the last few times I’d had balsamic vinegar, I had not been impressed.  I don’t really remember why anymore, because holy cow, balsamic vinegar is delicious!  I immediately decided to replicate the sandwich at home, and I’m proud to say it turned out pretty awesome.

Have you ever replicated a dish you had at a restaurant?  How did it go?


4 thoughts on “What’s Cooking Wednesday: Roast Beef, Red Pepper & Balsamic Panini

    • Thanks! I would love to experiment with different balsamic vinegars, and olive oils too. (And chocolates, and wine, while we’re at it.) Thanks for stopping by!

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