Thankful Thursday

This is a new feature I’m going to try to have every Thursday.  It’s pretty self-explanatory – just taking the time to list the things I’m grateful for this week.

1. The garbage disposal.  Our first apartment didn’t have one, and now I definitely take it for granted.

2. Free genmaicha!  One day I got to work and discovered someone had brought a huge stash of tea to the break room – including an unopened canister of Jasmine Pearl’s genmaicha.  I tried that exact tea at that exact place at my bachelorette party because my friend Tess had had it before and wanted us to try it.  (Genmaicha is a green tea with toasted rice in it – basically, tea with Rice Krispies, and it tastes savory and awesome.) It’s loose leaf, though, so nobody at work would be able to try it.  I tracked down the woman who brought the tea in and offered to buy it from her, but instead she just gave it to me!  She only likes black tea, which is why she’d brought in all that tea to share, and she just gave me the tea.  She wouldn’t even let me buy her a replacement flavor for her because apparently she already has too much tea to go through.  Sounds familiar…

3. The gas fireplace.  It’s been snowy and sleety the last couple days, so we (cat included) very much enjoy having a heat source available at the flip of a switch.


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