Questions of Book Lust

Another meme ganked from Nisaba Be Praised!

Imagine you sit in front of a fireplace. You read and beside you there is a cup with something hot in it. What would that be in your case: tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

Definitely tea, possibly an entire pot of it.

If an author gave you the chance to rewrite or to change the fate of a book character, who would you choose?

I would redo the ending to “Mockingjay.”  SPOILERS FOLLOW: Katniss needed more development overall through the entire book, but what really bugged me was the death of her sister.  Katniss took Prim’s place in the Hunger Games and that’s what started off this entire misadventure, and then she goes and dies?  It was both heartbreaking and unnecessary for the story.  And what’s up with Katniss voting to reinstate the Games?  The one thing I did like about Prim’s death was what it did for Gale’s character.  I was already rooting for Peeta, but I thought Gale’s actions were in line with his character and also tidily eliminated him as a love interest for Katniss.

Did your parents read stories to you when you were little? If yes are there any special ones you remember the most?

I remember my dad went on business trips fairly often, so we would record him reading us the storybook versions of Disney movies to listen to while he was gone.

What do you like more, the smell of old antiquarian books or the smell of new fresh ones you just bought?

The new books.  My germophobia is strong enough to make smelling old books unappealing.  The scent of an old library is okay – sticking your nose into a grody old book is not.

You get the opportunity to choose between two secret talents: either to be able to make things come to life through reading them or the gift to read yourself into a book. Which one would you like to have?

Read myself into a book, absolutely.  The childhood stories I wrote were basically fanfiction – I’d write myself into adventures with Aladdin and Jasmine, and I wrote some X-Men fanfiction in high school.  So yeah, the opportunity to go on the quest with the Fellowship, or adventure with Sabriel, or angst around in pretty dresses in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books?  Oh yeah.

Do you have a favorite children’s book or a favorite fairy tale?

I love “The Giving Tree,” but who doesn’t?  I also liked “When A Bear Bakes A Cake,” “Corduroy,” and “Catwings,” which I just now learned was written by Ursula K. LeGuin and oh my God my life has just been turned upside-down.  I had no idea that was by her!

Someone would talk to your friends and ask them to compare you to a book character. With whom do you think would they compare you?

Uh…I have no idea.  Hey friends, any suggestions?

Tell me the name of a writer whom you would like to have as a friend.

JK Rowling or Bill Bryson would be cool.  Oh, and Neil Gaiman!  Most other writers I read seem like they’d be too smart for me to feel comfortable around them.  A few of them would be overly pretentious or just plain weird.

You can hide in a written down world for only one night – into which world do you escape?

Most written-down worlds wouldn’t be safe!  I’d either be fighting for my life, running away from monsters, or trying to avoid being executed by Henry VIII.  I’d probably pick Lothlorien since it would be the easiest to actually hide in and I’d probably be bored by the time I needed to leave.  If I picked somewhere like Hogwarts I would just want to stay!

Something terrible happens: you have to flee to an unknown place and all you can take with you are three books of all the ones you own. Which three ones do you put into your bag?

I have actually thought about this.  If I had to take only three, my picks would be my Bradbury anthology of 100 stories, “Pride and Prejudice,” and “Prisoner of Azkaban,” my favorite Harry Potter book. Either that or my 1960s editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


6 thoughts on “Questions of Book Lust

  1. “the opportunity to … adventure with Sabriel” Um, HECK YES.

    I had a similar realization about Catwings and Ursula le Guin, but I think I was in high school and a particularly perceptive friend told me.

    • The main reason I was excited was because I felt like a failure of a reader for having never read anything by her. Turns out I have! Sorta…

  2. Honestly, I would kind of compare you to Elizabeth Bennet. I’m sure there are tons of others but that’s the first that sprang to mind.

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