Be Brave In: Fashion

Happy Be Brave Month! It’s March, which means it’s nearly spring and as good time a time as any for change and growth.  Over the next four weeks, we’ll look into four areas of your life that, with a little courage, can be expanded, improved, classed-up, and generally made more awesome, so you can feel more awesome, too, and get a little closer to being the best “you” possible.

Week One will focus on fashion.  I suppose I should say “style,” since the thinking goes that fashion changes while style – your style – is perpetual.  You don’t need to reinvent your entire wardrobe to step bravely out with a new look, but neither do you need to languish in the same stuff in the same combinations you always wear.  There’s a reason I’ve grouped the fashion blogs in with the body-image blogs on my blogroll, and that’s because for me, they’re one and the same.  Fashion isn’t just keeping up with what’s on trend – it’s the ultimate form of self-expression.  What you put on can determine how you feel, and how you feel often determines how you want to present yourself from day to day.  If you dress bravely, you feel braver.  If you have the courage to express yourself honestly, it’ll give you the courage to express yourself in other areas of your life.  It really is that simple.

1. Add a new color.  The styles this spring looked like Rodda Paint ambushed the runways and threw their brightest colors over everything in sight.  The neons are back, along with cobalt, tangerine, bright berry, and that weird retina-searing chartreuse/pistachio green.  Me, I dialed up my wardrobe with my new orange scarf from Urban Outfitters.  I’ve been wearing it timidly so far – you can see it here and here – but I’m hoping to work it into some more outfits.

Orange Scarf Lookbook

Orange Scarf Lookbook by rubybastille featuring fringe scarves

2. Recombine colors.  I know, I’m with you on the color-mixing thing.  Mixing patterns still intimidates me, and we won’t even get into colorblocking.  Still, you could find a suitable new color combination just waiting to be freed in your own closet.  Play around with some of the season’s hot color combos on Polyvore and see if anything strikes your fancy.  (Remember, accessories can be your friend here!)

Navy & Citrus Lookbook

Navy & Citrus Lookbook by rubybastille featuring a petal skirt

Turquoise & Gray Lookbook

Turquoise & Gray Lookbook by rubybastille featuring high waisted skirts

Light Blue & Yellow Lookbook

Light Blue & Yellow Lookbook by rubybastille featuring a cashmere shirt

3. At least try it on. Take that weird-looking thing off the rack and actually put it on your body.  You won’t really know how it looks on you until you see it, and who knows, you may like it!

4. Find a blogger to emulate. My muse is still Hello Monkeyface, even though she’s moved on to greater and less anonymous things.  I always liked her feminine-classic-with-a-twist style.  Jump around blogrolls until you find someone whose style you think you can pull off, and check in on them frequently.  Seeing real-life examples of new trends and remixed pieces can inspire you to try something different yourself.

5. Try thrifting.  I’m not very good at it, but bloggers like Already Pretty, Interrobangs Anonymous, Dress With Courage, Punky Style, and Reading in Skirts are frequent thrifters who can get you all the inside tips on thrifting, or at least show off the amazing stuff that can be found if you look hard enough.  Successful thrifters save money and end up with a more unique, personalized wardrobe.

What have you done lately to be bolder with your wardrobe?  Do you have a favorite source of inspiration or a go-to fashion blog?


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