Outfit Post: Brown Lace

Poor lace vest.  I got to wear it a few times when I got it last summer, but as soon as it got cold again, I was back in my uniform of long-sleeved shirts and cardigans.  I haven’t figured out how to work this piece into outfits that involve more layering without looking like a crazy person.

But even I am getting tired of cardigans, so I resolved to find a way to wear this neglected vest without freezing.  My extremely un-fashion-forward solution was to wear an ordinary long-sleeved tee under the button-up shirt.

 Vest: Maurices
Blouse: H&M
Tee: Target
Belt: Target (came with different top)
Jeans: The Loft (thrifted)
Shoes: Famous Footwear

Things this outfit accomplished:

1) keeping me warm
2) defining my waist
3) rescuing a closet orphan
4) not involving a cardigan

The dork factor of wearing a crewneck tee under a buttoned shirt is moderately high, but you know what, it’s been cold lately, and my interest in staying warm surpassed my interest in not being a dork a long time ago.  I keep seeing the high school girls in our apartment complex trudging to the bus stop in leggings and maybe a sweatshirt, but no coat.  Crazy kids, where are your coats?!  There are hundreds of adorable coats out there, and when you get to class, you don’t have to wear them anymore.  Then everyone can see your outfit and you won’t have frozen to death.

What am I missing?  Are you hoping it’s a chance to flirt with the quarterback and get him to loan you his letterman jacket?  Is the weight of a coat plus your textbook-stuffed backpack too overwhelming?  Do they even make letterman jackets anymore?  Do teenage girls have a higher tolerance for cold?  Are North Face jackets still the epitome of “cool,” because guess what, that’s a coat.

Also, get off my lawn.


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Brown Lace

  1. Damn whippersnappers. What is it with kids and getting all up in our yards?

    I remember never wanting to wear a coat as a teenager. I was trying to toughen up, and secretly hoping to unlock command over the elements of winter by more fully exposing myself to them. Pro tip: no matter what kind of parallels there are between the two, going through adolescence does not make one into an X-man. Unfortunately.

    I like the outfit! That lace vest is fantastic, I’m glad you could make it work again.

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