Outfit Post: Everybody Everywear!


Cardigan: Marks & Spencer
Shirt: Old Navy
Cami: ??
Skirt: Anthropologie
Tights: Hue, from Macy’s
Flats: Lifestride, from DSW
Scarf: TJ Maxx
Earrings: gift

I have been meaning to do an EBEW for probably six months, and I missed it every. single. time.  I either set an alarm and then discovered that the theme was something I couldn’t do, or I completely forgot and missed out on totally doable themes.

Not this month, though!  We all got our green on for St. Patrick’s Day and general springyness.  I wasn’t quite sure if this had enough green until one of my coworkers said, “Wearing your green a little early, huh?”  At which point I had to explain that I was finally getting to do this big fashion-blog-community thing and it’s okay, because I have another green shirt for the actual holiday, not to mention a green coat and a green purse, just in case.

Technically this is pattern mixing because the shirt has very very thin stripes. Yes. Uh huh. Pattern mixing.

So hooray!  I remembered to participate in a cool thing and I got to wear some wardrobe items that don’t get worn much (I have a whole post dedicated to this skirt coming up in a week or so, based on an outfit I wore a couple weeks ago [I don’t like to rush outfit posts, okay]).

Did you do EBEW?  Link up in the comments so I can actually find you!


11 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Everybody Everywear!

  1. Well done! It’s a shame that green is so strongly tied to St. Patrick’s Day that any time you wear it in March people think you just can’t read a calendar correctly. But that scarf is darling and that is some fantastic pattern mixing, lady.

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