Thankful Thursday

(One of these days I’m going to space out and write “Thirsty Thursday” and the Internet will just love it.)

1. Long underwear.  It was beautiful and sunny last week – at least, I think it was, because the weather has been so horrible lately it feels like it never happened.  I’ve broken out the long underwear again, both for wearing under sweats around the house and even under my jeans at work.  Delicious, delicious warmth.

2. My planner.  In school, I had one of those industrial-grade planners with a page for every day, but now that I’m post-school and pre-family, I just don’t need that much space anymore.  This year I’m using a Moleskine planner which has one week per page with lined paper on the facing page.  It’s been awesome for scheduling my blog posts.

3. Movie candy.  Not the stuff you buy at the theater, the gigantic bags you buy at the grocery store before hand.  M&Ms FOR FOREVER.

4. Top Ramen.  Did you know drained, unseasoned ramen noodles make awesome chow mein?

5. My creative writing degree.  My classmates joked about our degrees being the most expensive piece of paper in the world, but I have mine propped up in my desk and every time I see it I think “aw yeah.  I earned that.”


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