Outfit Post: Colors!

I don’t really know what happened with this skirt.  When I bought it, I thought it fit perfectly (obviously, or else I wouldn’t have bought it).  Then I realized that it should be hitting at a different point on my knee, and that it should sit higher on my hips/waist, so I assumed it didn’t actually fit me and swore to never wear it again until I got it tailored.

Then, a few days ago, I took it out of the closet, tried it on again, and couldn’t see what the problem was.

Scarf: a free trade shop in Wales
Sweater: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Anthropologie
Tights: Hue, from Macy’s
Shoes: Famous Footwear

My weight hasn’t changed much in the last couple years, but maybe it redistributed enough to give me the hips I needed?  Maybe it fit right all along and I was just being paranoid?  Anyway, I was so pleased that I threw caution to the winds and wore a bazillion bold colors.  It was the first time in a long time that I wasn’t wearing any black or gray, and yes, my experience with neutrals has made brown an acceptable color instead of a neutral.   Right now I consider denim more of a neutral than brown.  I know.  I’m working on it.

(Completely by coincidence, the top half of this outfit is pretty much exactly what I wore when I did a scarf-tying tutorial a while back.)

(Also, what, I have got to grow my hair back out, because that looked awesome and I miss it.)


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