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Color Online has put together a list of the year’s books by female authors of color.  “Things We Left Unsaid” by Zoya Pirzad, “The Cutting Season” by Attica Locke, and “Homesick” by Roshi Fernando all look interesting…actually, pretty much everything I clicked on looked interesting, so there goes my reading list for 2013.  (via Nisaba Be Praised)

I just discovered that Danielle Meder at Final Fashion does paper dolls based on models, current fashion lines, and style icons!  She’s even recreated a few historical outfits.  (Mildly NSFW.)

How to deal with failure.

Tea & Cookies has planned out my next tourist jaunt to Seattle for me!  (Why hello there, Remedy Teas…)

Ten Things Every Woman Should Throw Away.  Totally agree about the college dishes.

Audrey at Putting Me Together has some great reasons why your wardrobe should include colored bottoms, as well as tips for reimagining the clothes in your wardrobe.

Tea & Cookies writes about the Sylvia Beach Hotel, whose rooms are decorated according to favorite authors, including Shakespeare, Dr. Seuss, and Agatha Christie.

Dear Sal, I am stealing this outfit from you, kthx.

5 creative ways to reach your goals.  I have a dry-erase to-do list!

Another perspective on the Kony 2012 debate.

And finally, Ralph McQuarrie, designer for sci-fit hits like “Star Wars” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” died on March 4th.  Most of the well-known Star Wars concept art – images I had on calendar when I was ten or eleven – is by him.


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