Thankful Thursday

1. Kleenex.  We had a week of glorious spring weather earlier this month, during which my allergies decided it was go time.  Then it started snowing and raining and my allergies debated maybe being a cold instead.  I don’t really know what the deal is anymore, but I am glad to have lots of Kleenex on hand.

2. My writing setup.  I’m going to have to do a desk tour one of these days to show off my sweet new workspace.  It’s loaded with poetry boots, random Vogue photos, vintage English art, and candles.  All I need is a chair that’ll fix my lower-back pain…

3. Garlic.  Because it’s delicious.

4. My expanding taste buds.  Things that I used to think were gross but which I now like: red peppers, slightly spicy food, balsamic vinegar, onions when cooked properly, peas.

5. “Leveling up” with new friends.  Over the weekend, two of my friends from church texted me just to say hi.  While I rarely converse via texting, I know it’s a major method of communication for many of my friends, so it’s a pretty big deal that we’ve reached that level of familiarity.

6. Friends who don’t mind me referring to our relationship in terms of video games.


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