FBFF: Spring

This week, FBFF is talking about spring.  What do you think when you think Spring?

I’m sorry, is it spring?  Because it’s snowed three times in the last two weeks.  And I am really sick of it being so cold.

Ugh.  Anyway.

Spring in the Northwest is a few things: rain, but warmer rain.  Colors, especially green and pale pink.  Less gray, theoretically.  Brighter mornings and longer evenings.  Occasional sun.  Opportunities for walks by the river.


Spring is also Easter and friends graduating and our “dating anniversary” and did I mention the occasional sun?  It’s also this blog’s birthday…whoops, no, that was the 13th.  Happy belated third birthday, blog!

And since the spring trend colors are growing on me, I played around in Polyvore (not that I need an excuse for that):

Tulip Fields
Easter Brunch
Coffee Date

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